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Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

Techno Sales offers a high-quality, specialist raw materials and ingredients for every sector of the food industry. We maintain very close ties with a large number of reputable suppliers and experienced logistics partners . As a result, we are able to offer very competitive prices with Application Support.

We supply raw materials and food ingredients for customers active in the following sectors :

• Confectionery:Flavour,Food Colour,Chocolate
• Chocolate :Flavour,Cocoa Powder
• Liqour: Flavour
• Juices & soft drinks: Flavour,Food Colour,Fruit Pulp&Crush
• Ice-cream: Flavour, Stablizer&Emulsifier Blend,Food Colour,Chocolate,Cocoa Powder,Cocoa Butter,Improver,Butter Scotch Nuts.
• Dairy: Flavour, Seasoning, Food Colour,Fruit Pulp& Crush
• Bakery: Cake Premix,Glaze,Colour,Flavour,Butter Scotch Nuts,Crush,Syrup
• Pharma: Flavour,Food Colour
• Soap-Detergent:Fragrance

Unable to find the product you are looking for on this site? Do not hesitate to contact us. We take pride in meeting our customers’ individual needs by sourcing all kinds of high-quality raw materials, ingredients and associated products at the best possible prices.